Account Management: We work with new vendors as well as established brands in distribution. The Chapman Edge can manage all daily responsibilities of brand life including sales, analysis, and point of sale reporting. The Chapman Edge has worked with many brands and has a verifiable track record for taking brands to market and growing those that are mature.

Supply Chain Management: The Chapman Edge has studied supply chain and will work with client logistics/operations to assure acceptable ratings/scores for on time and fill by Distribution Center. “We know you can’t sell what’s not on the shelf.”

Accounting Support: We are experts in the reconciliation of post audits, missed/unpaid invoices, damage claims, and deductions with no apparent explanation. We have experience with the process. We are patient and effective with getting to the bottom of the issue, and will train your team.

Brand Management: The Chapman Edge works with our clients to assure forecasts are provided for promo and non-promo production needs. When new item plans are launched we huddle with our client and discuss the annual forecasts expected, is it an item that can win and what will it take? We visit retail stores and strategize product flow, shelf positioning, and the competition. Is the margin right? Is the solution being met by another item? How many stores should the item merchandised?  The cost to a vendor when an item fails is high, markdowns, call-ins we work with you to minimize failed launches.

Promotional Plan recommendations and chain promotional tool box options:  We work with you to plan cost effective sales building consumer events. Many retail chain vehicles are cost prohibitive but there are always options to drive sales with national and or geo targeted brand awareness and community and instore events.

Presentation Development: You can depend on us to work with you on packaging copy and product testing.  Many brands do well in non-brick and mortar channels; get to the shelf and fail. The Chapman Edge works with your marketing managers and guides them through rethinking the retail merchandising experience.